Rob Online Trader Working 80 Hours Per Week


Cartoon by Goddard

Have you seen the below ad?

Rob used to work 60 hours, but since buying XYZ the best stock market program ever built, he now only works 3 hours per week. He does this while laying buy the pool with his wireless lap top, drinking cocktails, and waving at his neighbours on their way to work.

Why he is drinking cocktails in the morning I am not quite sure. I always wonder why the makers of these programs sell them. If they are as good as they say, surely they could make more money on the market then selling the program. I guess not.

Investing in the market is not a 3-hour a week job. If it was, we would all lying by the pool with Rob.

Before investing go and get good advice and be happy to pay for it. What you save by not buying one of these programs will more then cover your first 2 years of adviser fees.

And my guess… you’ll sleep a lot better than Rob does.