Green Cross Vets - IPO

By Jason Fittler

As many of you may beware I am a local, born and breed in Townsville and for this reason I was excited to attend the road show for Green Cross Vets IPO.

Glen Richards who many of you may know, has made good and shown those in the capital cities that Townsville is a player on the main stage. Glen along with his business partners will be listing Green Cross Vets on the ASX early June. The IPO is to raise funds to purchase 30 Vet practices and provide working capital to provide further consolidation in this sector.

Many of you may be thinking that this sound like a familiar story and it is, two years ago ABN AMRO Morgan’s Townsville were instrumental in the listing of 1300 Smile (ONT) which as been a very successful float coming on at 0.80c and now sitting at $3.01.   

Although we like the story we are not involved in the IPO and therefore do not have stock for our clients. We will, however, be watching the stock closely on open.