Industry Super Funds

Do not believe everything you see on TV... In fact do not believe any of it.
by Jason Fittler

Right now, all across Australia there is heavy advertising about industry super funds, for those of you not in the industry we are talking about funds such as Australian Super, First Super, Host Plus, and Qsuper. These are funds run by large companies and unions, they run on a platform of:

1.    Low Fees
2.    No Commission to advisers
3.    Outstanding service

Anyone who has had to deal with Qsuper or Sunsuper will know that quality service is something they say not do, so lets disregard this. The other two points they make are Low fees and No Commission to advisers. These are in fact the same thing, the reason why their fees are lower is because they do not pay commissions to advisers.

So who do you speak with when you have a query, want a financial plan done, and want to know how the current super changes affect you. If history is our guide, no one… you have to rely on the good nature of advisers like us to help you.

But things are changing, independent financial planners are no longer providing information to the users of industry funds, putting the pressure on these funds to deal with their own members. Want to feel the effects, call your industry fund and have fun pressing numbers on your phone until some cuts you off.

End of the day there are those who put little value on the advice of a professional and those who know the benefits of having a professional team behind you. ABN AMRO Morgans has over 500 advisers Australia wide. A team of analysts and a team of economist, all working to make sure that our clients have the best advice over the long term.

Financial advice is not a one of piece of information, it is something you will need all of your life. Oh, in regards to returns, why is it the friend who has a self managed super fund, also has the big house, nice car, and retires earlier then those in industry funds. Perhaps the advice they receive pays in the long run.
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