Plan to Save as Part of Your Budget

By Jason Fittler

One big part of the budget which people overlook is savings. They are determined to save money but rarely committed to saving money. What is the difference? Being determined means that for a short time you put money away for “a rainy day” but due to an unforseen circumstance they need to dip into their savings.

Sound familiar?  My view… Do not save for a rainy day, save for a sunny day, a day when you want to go out an enjoy yourself, and a little coin in your pocket makes it possible. Rainy days or bad days should be covered in your budget, it is called insurance, if you have not got it get it. You need life, TPD, Trauma, income, medical, house and car insurance. What’s that? You can’t afford it? You’re half right you can’t afford not to have insurance. Cover yourself today.

To save you need commitment, you need to have the drive and stick ability to build up your savings, soon your savings will take on a life of its own and start growing to levels you never thought imaginable. Then it will do something which you never thought possible, it will give back, it will add to your disposable income allowing you to afford those things which you never thought possible. All of a sudden there will be no rainy days on sunny ones and plenty of coin to enjoy them.

Go on make the hard call start really saving now.