A ‘Super’ Future Before Us…

The widely publicised changes to superannuation which were announced in the 2006/07 Federal Budget are about to become a reality.

While the changes have been much talked about, a survey late in 2006 revealed that ¾ of relevant people still did not fully understand the changes; nor what the impact these changes will have on their own situation.

The changes to the superannuation system are far-reaching. They affect not just pre-retirees and retirees, but a wider age group with people who may be, or are thinking about, additional contributions to their superannuation.

Regardless of your situation or age, it is important you know and understand the changes to the superannuation system.

As a leading provider of superannuation advice, ABN AMRO Morgans is running a Superannuation Seminar in Townsville. The ABN AMRO Morgans team of superannuation and wealth protection specialists will explain the proposed changes to the superannuation regime in detail.