How the Rich Get Rich

Richard Branson famously said “To make a small fortune all you need to do is start with a large one and buy an airline.”  
Rich people get rich by taking a long term view on investments... They buy quality and sit on it.  They look for investments paying a good income and hold on for the capital growth. A quality asset could be good blue chip shares, commercial building in the right part of town, or residential property in the best suburbs.

Rich people don’t chase the quick buck or bet the latest tip... They already know, getting rich is about quality assets, good income and a long term view.
If you think you are too poor to speak to a financial adviser - then the bad news is you’ll always be poor.

Rich people put in the leg work, they speak to the right people, they read the right books, they become educated on investing and how to make money.  Rich people were poor people, but they had the right attitude. Which will you be?
AAM Townsville helps all size investors, because we understand that from small things big things grow.  
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