Investing for Beginners

No one knows everything; no-one ever will. But through education we grow, as you grow you need to learn more. When you were little you had to learn how to eat, crawl, walk and of course ride a bike. Welcome to the next phase of growth - investing.

If you want to be successful, make the “decision making process” on what you’ll invest in simple. That way you’ll make a quick and effective investment.

Here are some hints on how to do this:-
1. There are three basic types of investments, Cash, Property and Shares.
Decide where you want to be.
Cash - Believe it or not this IS an investment – only held short term if needed.
Property - Property trusts gives you access to the large properties without borrowing millions.
Shares - Look at blue chips paying good dividends above 4%, fully franked, and get a good broker. Don’t be afraid of fees. The broker only makes money if you do.

2. Decide how much of your money to hold in each.
3. Get good advice in simple terms. If your adviser uses a lot of jargon or just can’t explain it, get another; they probably don’t know what they’re talking about either.
4. Have a long term view – Don’t read the paper every day… The paper sells advertising space – not advice.
5. Do not listen to family and friends… Unless they’re qualified advisers and charging for their time, free advice is worth just that.
6. If you don’t understand the investment, or the business it in don’t invest in it.

Follow these steps and over the years you’ll learn more and more… Until finally you’re an expert.

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