How to Find a the Right Financial Adviser for You

Ever met someone for the first time and hit it off straight away?  You have a great time, it passes all too quickly, and your parting thought is “when will we see each other again?”  We’ve all experienced “instant attraction”, and on the flip side, we’ve all experienced “instant dislike”.
Why does this happen? Usually the person you get along with understands you, your point of view, and how you see the world… they share your problems, likes and dislikes. The ones you don’t get along with, simply don’t understand you… or your likes and dislikes.  

Good advice should come from the person who understands you, who sees the world through your eyes and shares your vision on the future. But where do you find this person?  The yellow pages or internet?  Is it the person with the most impressive qualifications? Or the one your family or friends recommend? It’s none of the above.  The only way to know if this person understands you, is to talk to them… Interview potential Investment Advisers until you’re satisfied you’ve found the one who understands your concerns and goals.

Now comes the hard part, once you find this person you must commit to them. To do their job properly they need a lot of information from you. You need to be 100 percent honest, or else they can’t do the best job for you. Commit to this, and what started from “instant attraction” will grow into a very profitable relationship.  

Jason Fittler