Super, Super, Super

The end of another financial year is fast approaching, the 2007 year has been great with business doing well, the stock market reaching new highs and even property has seen more growth. This means lots of profits all around and the ATO waiting for a donation from you.

If you haven't looked at your tax position yet, now is the time to do this, you only have until 30/06/2007 to make any deductible contributions in Superannuation. If you were looking to top up your Superannuation with a contribution you can make up to $1 million before 30/06/2007, this is your last chance to get a large amount of funds into super.

Don't leave it to the last minute, every adviser we know are all telling the same story. They're concerned they won't be able to get the existing work on there desk done before the end of June, let alone any new work. Make sure you do not miss out, call your adviser today on 07 4771 4577.