Budgeting Tips - 6 Things to Spend LESS On

We have regular requests from clients about budgets. Can we help them do up a budget?  The money just runs out… They can not make ends meet.

The trick in preparing a budget is not what you decide to spend your money on but what you decide not to spend your money on. When you are preparing your household budget write down those things which you can live without and do not allocate funds to them. You will find out very quickly if you stop wasting money ends will meet.

Here are a few items which we could all spend less on.
1. Junk food – who knows you may see your toes again
2. Alcohol – we all need a little but know when to stop.
3. Petrol – try walking or riding a bike to the shops the environment will love you for it.
4. Lunches - Buying lunch every day? Take some time and make your own.
5. Trashy magazines – a wise man once said that everything you do either makes you smarter or dumber; I am yet to see a magazine which makes you smarter.
6. Interest - Pay out your credit card before you pay interest.

I am sure if you are honest with yourself you would be able to find a few more things which you really do not need.