New Super Rules, Time to Look at Self Managed Super Funds

As we are all well aware on the 01/07/2007 the new superannuation laws came in to being. For those who have a Self managed Super Fund you will need to make sure that your super fund trust deed has been updated for the new changes.
Not sure if this affects you? Generally speaking if your Self Managed Super fund was set up prior to May 2006 then you will need to have it updated. We have organised with a local solicitor firm to have this done for you for a mere $470 plus GST. If you would like us to arrange this for you please let us know. This is a service we perform for our clients to make sure that they are up to date with current laws, we are not paid any fees from the solicitors or yourself to organise this.

If you do not have a Self Managed Super Fund and you are thinking about setting one up below is a quick check list to see it would suit you.

1. Do you have over $200,000 in super; remember this is a combined figure with your spouse.
2. Would you like to take more control and achieve better results?
3. Would you like to pay less fees then a retails fund.
4. Are you keen to have a more diverse range of investments in your super fund?
5. Are you happy to put more effort into making your super work harder for you?

If you answer yes to all of these then a self managed super fund maybe for you. I will discuss more about the benefits of a self managed super fund next week.

For more information about what you should be doing contact us on 07 4771 4577.