YESS – Making Super Easy

By Jason Fittler

The best long term returns for superannuation are achieved through the use of a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF), this is because you have a better choice of investments and the fees are lower then a retail fund or industry fund.

The main problem with the SMSF is the administration of the fund, the issue has been that there is a lot of paper work which goes along with operation a SMSF. In the past ABN AMRO Morgan’s has looked after the majority of this administration but there were a few items such as setting up and maintaining the trust deed and preparing the financial statements which had to be completed by other professionals.

This always caused some communication issues, and increases the chances of something going wrong. Finally, ABN AMRO Morgan’s can look after your SMSF from setting it up to winding it up. This will take all of the stress and worry out of having a SMSF. On top of this they have done it at a price which will be cheaper then most accountants.

A brochure in regards to our new YESS product is attached for you to take a look at, the key highlights for the product are as follows:

1. Set up the trust deed and make sure it is up to date.
2. Prepare all of your financial statements and lodge the tax return, they will do this straight from your MPS report all of the cost of $1800 per annum. Including audit.
3. Organise the rollover of super into pension.
4. No input need from you this will all just happen once you sign up for the product.

What do I make out of this service, not a thing except for the knowledge that your SMSF is complying with all the regulation which allows me to focus purely on the investments with in your SMSF.

Call today 4771 4577 if you would like to sleep easy knowing that your SMSF is being looked after.