Superannuation – Take Control of Your Future.

By Jason Fittler

With the new superannuation laws now in place super has become the number one investment vehicle. The problem is that the majority of people have little or no control over their superannuation and the investments inside the super fund. This will in the long term, affect the overall performance of the funds as the managers slowly eat away your returns through fees.

The best way to take control of your superannuation is through the use of a Self managed Super Fund, this gives you the full freedom to invest how you like and control the fees being charged against your super fund. The catch is that you need around $150,000 before you can start looking at a Self Managed Super Fund. So what about the younger person who has a smaller super balance, do they need to just cop the high fees. Not any longer.

AMG Universal Super allows you to have all of the control of a Self Managed Super fund with out the compliance problems. This company has developed a product where you can make the investment decision pick the shares you would like to be invested in.

If you would like to make your super work harder and take control of your superannuation contact me (Jason Fittler) ASAP on 07 4771 4577 and I will go through this product with you.