The Reluctant Spouse.

Joe%20Shlegeris.jpgby Joe Shlegeris

I can argue all day long that share investing will do you good, but this won't get me or you anywhere if you find yourself married to a reluctant spouse.

A reluctant spouse dislikes the entire idea of share investing.  This spouse (who can be of either sex) finds share investing all too frightening, and often prefers to invest only in rental properties because you can drive by and see them.  This spouse might even prefer to just keep your money in the bank.

Such spouses clutch at every bit of news which might support this reluctance to invest:  corporate misbehaviour, reports of the shocking misdeeds investment advisors have visited upon their trusting clients, and scary events around the globe which threaten to bring the world economy to its knees.  Sometimes such spouses come from families in which money has been lost to bad investments (whether these had anything to do with the share market or not) or they've just heard stories.

None of this is intended to criticise the reluctant spouse.  Such a person probably doesn't want to read a book about share investing, but maybe a short and simple text such as this won't be too much to ask.  Alternatively, the more enthusiastic spouse can use the arguments in Easy Investing Abundant Income to help lead the reluctant spouse to enlightenment.

If you're married, it's important that you and your spouse both understand why and how you're investing.  Otherwise you run the risk of making big mistakes when one spouse's irrational exuberance or unreasonable fear causes you to make silly choices.
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