By Jason Fittler

Do not spend your whole life waiting to find your passion. Passion does not come from divine intervention, it comes from commitment.

Make the commitment to those people and pursuits which are important to you and passion will find you.

I suspect most people are not passionate about superannuation, shares, options, warrants, term deposits, economics, managed funds, exchange rates, transition to retirement pensions or investments.

I bet you are however passionate about what you can spend your money on, things such as holidays, cars, boats, family, friends, property, jewellery and retirement.

I however, take a laptop on holidays, log in to the market every day to keep in touch with  what is going on. I sit up late at night to read the latest prospectus or research on a company.  Reading the financial review to see what happened yesterday and to keep abreast of the latest news is a morning ritual, I can not start the day without it. (I do not drink coffee)

Finance is not a job for me it is a lifestyle and I am not alone. We do this job because we love the job, we are passionate about the job. It is much a part of our lives as breathing.

I remember the first time in primary school when the Commonwealth Bank came to our class, we received a free piggy bank (you remember them, they look like a small bank, were made of tin and had no hole in the bottom to get your money out, if you wanted your money you had to cut them open) and a ruler. There is a common saying amongst stockbrokers, “he will retire when he is dead”, investing is very much a part of our lives.

If you are not passionate about investing, find someone who is, have them look after your investments, leaving you time to pursue your passion.

(Beware of the adviser who is passionate about money, this is totally different to being passionate about finance)