Storm Client Collection Data for the Financial Planners Association

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Why Storm clients should fill out this form.

This data collection form will be used to assist the FPA and ASIC to consider potential investigation avenues. Completion of this form does not constitute a formal complaint but the organisation/s may contact you to better inform their investigations and enquire as to your willingness to participate in a formal investigation.

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The Financial Planners Association
(FPA) is a professional body which all Financial Planers can join.

The FPA provides on going training and service to financial planners but most importantly hold their members accountable for the advice they give.

By joining the FPA a Financial Planner is agreeing to provide their clients a higher level of service, way beyond that required by government legislation. As such they are making a  commitment to their clients to provide the best possible service or be held accountable.

By completing the below form FPA members who were Storm advisers will be held accountable for any wrong actions they have performed.  This is not a witch hunt, it is on going effort by this professional body to make sure that our industry is held to the highest standards and that you the consumer can feel confident that the service provided by a FPA member is second to none.

Please complete the form and email to Jason Fittler at [email protected] or fax to (07) 4771 4527. I'll pass on to the FPA.

I'll also make sure that you are kept in the loop of any action the FPA takes.