How is Your Life Structured?

Discretionary Trusts & Self Managed Super Funds

By Jason Fittler

If you have over $100,000 invested, you should start to think about discretionary trusts.

Discretionary trusts will protect your investments from bankruptcy and relationship breakdowns. They provide a easy mechanism for estate planning and keep your tax rate at 30%.

Are you self-employed? Then you should have a Self Managed Super Fund.

If you are self-employed you are already a person who likes to control their own destine, so you should also take control of your retirement. The first step is to set up a Self Managed Super Fund, this way you can decide how to invest your super. It also allows you to do better tax planning prior to the end of the financial year.

Above are two examples of how structuring your financial life will protect your assets, save you tax and give you more control. Lets face it, many things in life are beyond your control, it is therefore important to make sure that you do pay attention to the ones which are within your control.

To make sure you have the right structure… get the right advice before you start investing or set up a self managed super fund. Education first… action second.

Mark Twain once said, “ I can show anyone how to get want they want, the problem is I can not find anyone who knows what they want.”

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