Timeless Principles: Seven Cures for a Lean Purse

By Matthew Smith

The gathering of wealth is but one facet of life that many individuals have sought to achieve from the time of antiquity and which still continues today. Individuals seek to accumulate wealth for a variety of reasons; one of which would be considered the most wise and noble is to provide a secure income for your family.

A problem that is prevalent in the vast majority of households in our modern society is that niggling 'want' for a more secure and comfortable lifestyle for our family. This 'want' boils down into a need for ever-lasting financial security.

Most individuals see the best way to solve this problem is by seeking increases in their salary or wages. This misconception, along with another, is that high income earners are definitely wealthy - these are both common fallacies among the vast majority. An increase in household income is fantastic but it will not ultimately solve your problem.

The doctor or lawyer may have a large home and drive a much fancier car than the school teacher or carpenter, but, the same problem arises with higher income earners as it does with lower income earners. The higher income earners generally become higher consumers…it is likely that the more you earn the more you will spend.

The vast majority of households don’t yet understand that the income they earn does not belong to them. It belongs to the grocer, petrol station and butcher and so forth.

To provide a solution to this problem is easier than you may think. To gain financial security you must learn and embrace the rules that govern money. These rules are timeless principles and are adapted from the novel 'The Richest Man in Babylon', which also gave cause for this piece to be written.

Timeless Principles: Seven Cures for a Lean Purse

Cure 1 - Pay yourself no less than 10% of your income
This is where the bulk of your wealth will be created from. Paying yourself no less than 10% of income and saving it for investment will reap untold rewards. By living on 90% of your current income you will not notice a difference in lifestyle. Never stop paying yourself no less than 10% of your income first.

Cure 2 - Control your expenses
By controlling your expenses you are able to identify your needs from wants and take charge of your outgoings.

Cure 3 - Make your investments work for you
Once your investment starts producing income let it multiply by re-investing the income and watch your investments compound over time.

Cure 4 - Consult wise men so you do not lose your savings
You do not seek out the advice of a taxi driver to complete your income tax return; you seek the knowledge and advice of an accountant. You are wise to seek the counsel of individuals who are knowledgeable in handling money.

Cure 5 - Own your own home
By owning your own home you have the cheapest form of housing available. Apart from insurance and taxes, it is far cheaper than renting a home.

Cure 6 - Ensure an income for your retirement and that of your family
You will not be able to work forever. You should focus on working and saving hard to provide a passive income for your retirement. The earlier you start the greater the compounding effect will be.

Cure 7 - Increase your ability to earn
By increasing your knowledge you will be better equipped to make wiser decisions in regards to your investments. Never pass on an opportunity to expand your knowledge. Educate your children on these rules from a young age so that the next generation may out perform the previous.

Those who are wealthy and are financially secure simply know and understand these rules that govern money, and more importantly…obey them.

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