ELB’s...The Secret to Wealth

How to have $1,000,000 at retirement.

By Jason Fittler

I often hear people tell me what they would do if they won the lotto or somehow received a large amount of money. They talk about how much easier life would be if they just had more money or got lucky. I call these people the “Have When’s”. These people all have two common problems. The objective is too large, they are unable to see how they would be able to obtain great wealth and they are not prepared to do what is necessary to achieve their goal.

“There is no victory without sacrifice”

Like everyone one else, my goals seem insurmountable, until I discovered ELB’s. Extraordinary Little Bits, ELB’s break down a large task into small manageable bits.

Let’s say you would like to have $1,000,000 in retirement, you are currently 40 years old and have around $100,000 in your super fund and a mortgage of $250,000. How can you be debt free and have a $1,000,000 to retire on?

The magic of ELB’s

To pay out your home loan over 20 years at an interest rate of 7% you will need to pay $24,000 per annum off the loan. To save $900,000 inside of your super earning 8% you need to save $23,000 per annum. In short you need to save $47,000 per annum. In Queensland the average annual salary is $61,500 after $12,500 goes to the tax man you will be left with $49,000. The task still looks insurmountable?

Let’s break it down; you have a couple of decisions to make. No one said it would be easy.

1.    Get a higher paying job.
2.    Both husband and wife work.
3.    Back grade your house.

For now I will go with example two, both husband and wife are working.

Step one salary sacrifice into super, as detailed above you will need $23,000 going into super for the year or $11,500 each. On $61,500 salary your employer will have to pay $5500 so both husband and wife, each need to salary sacrifice $6000. This will reduce your take home pay to $45,000 per annum. Or a household take home income of $90,000 per annum. Step one is complete, stick to the above plan and you will have your $1,000,000 in retirement. Keep in mind that $1,000,000 will provide you a super pension of approx $90,000 for 25 years.

Step two, pay out the house. As detailed above you have a $90,000 take home income. To pay the loan out you need to put 26% of this towards your home loan. Leaving you $66,000 per annum to live off, anyone who thinks that this would be a problem needs to trim some fat. As such step two is done and the above objective has been achieved.

ELB's breaks down a big problem into small manageable parts. By focusing on these smaller goals we can achieve our dreams.

The catch is you will need to make some hard decisions, this is where most fail. Will you?

Let’s take the ELB’s one step further with the above example. Paying out a $250,000 loan over 20 years at 7% will cost you $215,179 in interest. By increasing your payments to 30% of household take home pay or $30,000 per annum you will pay the house off in 12 years and save $100,000 in interest. If you then continue to pay the $30,000 per annum into savings at 8% you would have an extra $300,000 in retirement. Again ELB’s at work.

If you employ ELB’s into your life there is one golden rule. Never go to bed without taking at least one small step towards the end goal for that day.

Good luck.

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