Focus on What is Truly Important

By Jason Fittler

Would you believe that on average people spend more time planning their holidays than attending to their finances. I find this hard to believe! Then again I am a financial adviser.

Often we do not achieve the results we want in life, our life is not how we thought it would be, all too often we start out with a plan on how life should be, but never achieve the goals. All too often somewhere along the way we get distracted, in this world there are plenty of issues which can distract you from achieving your goals.

Distractions can be good and bad, bad distractions are generally bad for your health, marriage and finances. Distractions come in many forms, work, relationships, friends, money, gossip, goods and services.

We live in a world where technology dictates our habits, we are connected all of the time and never get a chance to slow down.

To take control of your life you truly need to decide what you will and will not allow yourself to be distracted by. Once you achieve this you will indeed achieve all of your goals being improved relationships, health and wealth.

Take control of you life today and reduce the distractions, focus on what is truly important. Of the people who read this only about 5% will take action, around 65% will take the lesson on board but no action. The other 30% are lost souls who will have no idea what this is all about.

Be in the 5%, I will guarantee you that you will be healthy, happy and wealthy in the future.

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