What Does it Mean to be Rich?

By Jason Fittler

Everyone wants to be rich, but few have any idea of what rich is.

No, I am not being all sentimental and focusing on the intangible things in life. I am a stock broker, when we speak of being rich we are talking about old fashion cold hard cash.

The truth is that most people gauge they wealth based on how they compare to friends, relatives, celebrities or the super rich. They make direct comparisons based on the size of their house, type of car they drive, where their children go to school or holidays they take.

Can you see the mistake people make? There will always be someone richer.

Wealth is about achieving your own personal financial goals (that is the easy part). The hard part is working out what these goals are.

Not sure what your financial goals are. Let us help you figure out your goals, and then show you how to achieve them.

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