Your Super

By Jason Fittler

My Super, this is the new invention of the Government.

It consists of a low cost superannuation plan for those who care very little for super and have decided that the age pension will provide them a good lifestyle. Ok so the last comments were a bit sarcastic, but it is somewhat true.

The government focuses on fees because as public servants their income and budgets come from tax revenue raised. They have no understanding that for the average working Australian your income depends on performance... the performance of your investments. To simply place your super money into a low cost environment regardless of the investment is as good as throwing it away.

The smart investor knows that their superannuation will be their greatest asset. They know that by paying attention to their super and getting the right advice when needed, that their super will perform better and they will have a fulfilling retirement.

If all you focus on is fees you are missing the point, focus on net return and then chose your investments.

OH, if you think all super funds are the same, why do you get so excited when you buy a new car? Aren't cars all the same?

"My Super" is a product which allows the government to access your money for their projects. So resist "My Super" and its clever marketing and advertising. Take care of your super, do not let the government get their hands on it.

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