The Feds Have Cut Interest Rates and Changed the Rules.

by Jason Fittler

Key Points

1. The Feds have cut interest rates and changed the rules
2. Sectors which will perform well over the next 18 months
3. Stocks which are good buying at the current price. (download the full report)

As you would be well aware we have been forecasting a drop in the market now for the past 3 months. On the 16th of August this year we saw an inter-day fall in the ASX 200 to below 5500 which provided some great buying opportunities. Only problem was that it was very short, this left us with the impression that we would see the market retest the lows. To date this has not happened.

We also saw the Feds on the 18th of September cut interest rates by 0.5%; this sent a very strong signal to the US markets and the bulls came out to play, since then every market across the globe has jumped you around 3%. Our market is a mere 4% below its all time highs.

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