The Market Wrap 18-9-09

4800 - Will we get there?

The last few weeks in the market have been a welcome relief.  For those who were looking at massive losses in their portfolio only a few months ago and had the will to stay with the market have now been justly rewarded. The confidence has indeed come back into the market place with a lot of those losses now recovered.

But now is no time to get carried away, you would be forgiven for forgetting that we are still in a Bear market and in a Bear market caution is important. It is a good time now to take some profits and continue to look for value.

If you think you have missed the run, it is not all bad news. There is still plenty of value in the property and infrastructure sectors. Also some good plays in copper, gold, oil and coal sector.

Now is the time to take action as good profits await those who do.