The Market Wrap 25-7-14

By Jason Fittler

Market held up well last week pushing back to new highs since the lows of the 2009 GFC bottom.

Investors continue to look for better returns and happy to pay full value for shares.

Interest rates are set to stay low for some time and the housing market is continue to struggle making shares the best investment option.

With the market closing at 5583 a betting person would expect to see some sort of profit taking.

Keeping in mind we are starting to head into reporting season.

I expect that some companies will post poor results this year especially in the retail sector and mining sectors.

This may see the market pull back however I am not expecting to see a major pull back and any dip will provide an opportunity to pick up some bargains.

We have recently been looking for investments in Europe as well as the S&P 500. Any opportunities to increase exposure to these countries will provide further diversifications as well as provide long-term growth as Europe recovers in the coming years.

Volatility is still very low and again we expect that this may increase during the reporting season as company start to release good and bad news.