The Market Wrap 27-3-15

By Jason Fittler

Our market rallied at the end of the week but still closed down 60 points or just 1% for the week.

The week ended with all eyes on Greece.  They are preparing to show creditors what economic changes they will make.  This is to ensure that the country continues to enjoy the creditors support.

The market continues to see more strength.

Neither the exchange rates nor interest rates are looking to increase over the coming years. Couple this with the expectations of a softer budget in May means investors have little choice but to chase better returns in the market.

The financial sector was off this week with a drop in the later part of the week. Expectations of liquidity levels and investors looking to roll into other sectors and take profits are taking its toll.

Consumer Staple sector stayed steady after its big fall at the start of the month.

The Energy sector moved higher for the week and Materials sold off before the weekend.

The Utility sector closed on a high with good gains across the board.

Again, stable income seems to be attractive to investors.