Another Great Year In The Share Market!

As this financial year draws to a close, we have once again witnessed a great return for investors. As the below chart indicates the market has moved from around the 5050 level to around the 6400 level or 26%. This may change a little over the next week but it‘ll be a good result.


The big question is of course... What will happen next year?  We already know of a number of good floats coming up and I expect to have an opportunity to buy blue chip stock at lower prices through July to September. Although we've seen a lot of small speculative shares do very well over the past couple of months, moving forward I believe the best strategy is to buy the blue chip stocks at discounted prices.

This is the time to build the core holdings in your portfolio. For those of you who feel you've missed the boat, rest assure there will be opportunities to get into the market over the next 12 months. Do not rush to have all of your funds invested, take your time and your adviser's advice and buy when the opportunity presents itself. What we do now will provide the basis of a very comfortable future for you.

Please contact your adviser on 07 4771 4577 to discuss the type of investments you should be holding in your portfolio.