Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (CFU)

By Jason Fittler

CFU is an Australian-based company engaging in the development of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology to provide electricity from natural gas.

CFU develops SOFC products for small-scale on-site micro combined heat and power. CFU distributes generation units that co-generate electricity and heat for domestic use. CFU owns an assembly plant in Heinsberg, Germany. The Company’s current products include mCHP and BlueGen.

CFU develops mCHP products with its European utility and appliance partners. In these partnerships, CFU supplies its Gennex fuel cell modules to appliance partners, which integrate them with boilers into single integrated units to convert natural gas into power, hot water and space heating for homes. The appliance manufacturer or the utility then sells or leases the mCHP unit to the homeowner.

BlueGen is a modular power and heat generator, which uses CFU’s Gennex fuel cell module to provides power plus heat for hot water. CFU has overseas customers in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, The Netherlands, Italy, Japan and the USA. CFU continued to install BlueGen units with customers in Australia. In January 2011, CFU signed an agreement with Adelaide-based Hills Holdings Ltd (Hills), a manufacturer, distributor and installer of home products including solar hot water products. Under the agreement, Hills will sell and service the BlueGen product. Also it will distribute BlueGen, initially in South Australia, and will also provide installation and after-sales service for BlueGen products Australia-wide.

For now I am keeping an eye on this stock, and will look to buy as a more speculative buy.

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