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Grow Your Wealth Financial Service Townsville is all about helping people achieve their personal financial goals. It does not get any more personal than a Self Managed Super Fund. It is you opportunity to take direct control of your financial future.  

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (‘SMSFs’) are increasingly being chosen as the superannuation funds of choice for Australians. From June 2012 to June 2013, approximately 35,776 new SMSFs were established, representing a 7.5% growth rate over the year. The total number of SMSFs at March 2014 was 528,701, with 1,006,975 members. This makes the SMSFs sector the fastest growing sector in financial planning and wealth management.

SMSFs also hold the largest proportion of superannuation assets across all superannuation fund types. As at June 2013, SMSFs held 31.3% of all superannuation assets, followed by retail funds with 26.1%, industry funds with 20.1%, public sector funds with 15.9% and corporate funds with 4.0% (Source: APRA Annual Superannuation Bulletin June 2013, revised 5 February 2014 .)

The indication is that the high growth rate of SMSFs will continue, due to factors including:

1. The ‘choice of funds’ obligations enabling employees to request their employer to direct their superannuation contributions into the fund of their choice, which in many circumstances means their own SMSF

2. Financial planners becoming more involved in the establishment, and the structuring, of investment strategies for SMSFs, meaning that SMSFs are being introduced to a wider clientele

3. The increasing popularity of limited recourse borrowing arrangements

4. Many more retiree couples becoming comfortable with the concept of an SMSF as a wealth creation and protection medium, and therefore seeking to use an SMSF to hold their retirement wealth

5. The continuing ability for high-income employees to salary sacrifice into their own SMSF

6. Relatively poor investment performance of the major corporate, industry and retail funds pushing more and more retirees, business owners and executives to seek to control their own investment decisions through an SMSF, and

7. The impact of government reviews, particularly the Ripoll, Henry and Cooper reviews continuing to encourage the funding of retirement savings via privately held superannuation arrangements rather than a government centralised system.

A successful Retirement is when you achieve Financial Freedom.  Financial Freedom is when you truly take control of your life. SMSFs allows you to tailor your super fund to suit you and gives you direct control over the investments.

SMSF are not suitable for everyone.  If you would like to know if they are suitable for you please contact us.


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A Self Managed Super Fund is your opportunity to take direct control of your financial future.

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